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January 14, 2021

(BINGHAMTON, N.Y.) — Current Binghamton Mayor Richard C. David on Thursday endorsed Jared M. Kraham in the 2021 mayoral election. David, who has served as mayor since 2014, is term-limited.

Statement from Mayor David:

"Jared Kraham will make a great mayor, and he has my complete support and endorsement. 

"As Deputy Mayor for the last seven years, Jared has played a significant role in major decisions on important projects. He's generated innovative ideas for change and worked to make them a reality.

"When it comes to choosing who is most qualified to serve as Binghamton’s next mayor, there is simply no substitute for Jared’s seven years of experience working in a leadership role for the Mayor’s Office.

"I met Jared in 2013, where he played a key role in my campaign for mayor. It was clear from the start that he was a hard-working and dedicated man, with a real passion for his hometown of Binghamton and a vision for a future in public service.

"It's why I selected him to serve as Deputy Mayor, the top administrative position at City Hall.

"In the years since, Jared's track record has earned him respect from people of all backgrounds and political affiliations. People rely on Jared. They trust him.

"An effective mayor is one with the ability to take action and deliver results. Jared has demonstrated time and again he has a unique ability to build consensus and get things done.

"The positive momentum and progress we've seen in Binghamton these last seven years is the result of a team of qualified and hardworking individuals committed to the City’s success. Jared has been a key part of that team, and I firmly believe the progress of recent years continues only if Jared continues his work at City Hall."

— 30 —

Mayor Richard C. David Endorses Jared M. Kraham In 2021 Mayoral Election: Press
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